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Optimise your outcomes with
these three powerful tools

At a Glance


  • In person full-day instructor-led session

  • Live Online sessions (Two half-days)


Optional Extras:

  • Coaching session to reinforce learning

Tools Provided:

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide 

  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

Related Training:

As the tools we use in our workplaces - and the workplaces themselves - continue to evolve, it’s essential that today’s workers use the best tools with the best methods.

Now more than ever we must ensure that as teams and as individuals, we employ effective communication, streamline our information management and collaborate in ways that maximise flexibility and minimise double-handling.

This course will help you:

  • Create a consistent focus on priorities

  • Gain control of your inbox and your time

  • Communicate within and across your teams

  • Collaborate and share information, even when geographically separated

  • Reduce information overload and stress

WorkingSm@rt Essentials

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for workgroups and teams who work in a Microsoft environment using Outlook, Teams, and OneNote, who want to optimise their use of these powerful tools.

From administration and sales professionals to managers and project personnel, anyone who has ever suspected there may be “A Better Way To Work” will benefit from these Essentials.

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Detailed Synopsis:

The WorkingSm@rt Essentials workshop has been designed for teams wishing to sample our three most popular courses and maximise outcomes while minimising learning time.

Priority Management helps you create effective individual and team behaviours combined with optimal use of technology, to control your time, maximise collaboration, and streamline information handling.

WorkingSm@rt Essentials: Microsoft Outlook


WorkingSm@rt Best Practices

  • Understand how to identify the work of highest value and choose the right tool for the job every time.


WorkingSm@rt Outlook Settings

  • Customise Outlook views and settings to enhance focus, increase productivity, and eliminate unhelpful habits.

Streamline Email Management

  • Learn Best Practices for handling emails, especially those you cannot act on immediately, and adopt effective filing and finding habits.


Schedule for Success

  • Be more strategic in how you invest your time each day to achieve consistent, timely delivery of your highest priorities.

WorkingSm@rt Essentials: Microsoft Teams

Communicating in Microsoft Teams

  • Learn Best Practice behaviours to assess and improve your Team Culture. Choose appropriate communication tools within Teams and use these effectively.


Teamwork in Microsoft Teams

  • Uncover the power of Microsoft Teams by creating Teams, Channels and Tabs that support team success

WorkingSm@rt Teams Settings

  • Customise Teams settings to help you minimise distraction and Work Sm@rt with enhanced focus.

WorkingSm@rt Essentials: Microsoft OneNote

Information Management Best Practices

  •  Learn the lifecycle of information and assess your information storage habits

Setting up OneNote for success

  •  Create Notebooks with a practical structure and apply OneNote versions and settings for success.

Capturing Information with OneNote

  •  Learn OneNote basics and capture a variety of information types, from text to tables and drawing to documents.

Advanced OneNote Features

  • Learn Best Practices and OneNote features to reduce 'Mind Traffic' and minimise double-handling.

OneNote and Beyond

  • Utilise advanced OneNote features to capture actions and collaborate across Teams and Outlook


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